Setting and Pursuing the Vision

Designed for driven women who want to set the vision to move to the next level in your business, career and personal life.


The problem

I was once right where you may be...stuck in the midst of my potential. Wrestling with the audacious dreams God had placed within my heart, but unclear and to be frank, very scared of creating a path to live them out. I was making time to do everything else and placed my purpose on the back burner.

Do you make time for everyone else but you? You find yourself trying to “have it all,” but fall short moving your vision to reality. Each year, you set the goals, make the vision board, and start off with the best of intentions but somewhere along the way the priorities of everyone else overshadowing your own. You know in your heart there's more and a next level in your leadership, but way you're working now isn’t affording you with the opportunity to have it. Something has to change.


As you move through this year, you’re ready to take control of your time and fulfill your  dreams.

I once read that procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another chance to do tomorrow what He gave you the chance to do today. What do you have the chance to do today that you have been placing on the back burner?

You don’t want to look back with regrets about all the things you wish you would have done. You are ready to make a change this year, this month, RIGHT NOW


Here's how Amplify for Women can help you take this next step.

Moving from constantly thinking about my dream to walking and taking action on the promise was liberating, beautiful, challenging, and necessary. I have created a road map from my personal and professional experience that helped me over a decade ago to launch my vision. It continues to guide my faith filled steps today as I walk deeper into audacious goals. I want to equip you with the tools to manifest your dreams, too.

Setting and Pursuing the Vision master class is focused on your holistic success both personally and professionally. This training recognizes the many hats you wear and goals you desire to accomplish in life. It is designed for driven women who want to move to the next level in your personal and professional life but have struggled with finding a pathway to get there. It will take you through critical elements that most people miss when making the vision board or writing out goals. These essential missing steps are often the reason why the vision doesn’t become a reality. 

Through signing up for this masterclass you will get one year access to Amplify for Women's Setting the Vision & Reclaiming My Time online course. This master class and these tools will have you taking steps towards your dreams within the next 48 hours! 


Are you ready for holistic success and alignment both personally and professionally?

Module one



Many people start with goals, but at Amplify for Women, we support your holistic success both personally and professionally. To understand what you want out of life, we have to start with why. 

Module two


Goal Setting

In this module, you will utilize a framework to set goals that clearly translate to manageable actions steps for long term success. Oh and this method will have you moving forward on these goals within 48 hours. Yes, 48 hours! I’m serious about you pursuing your purpose.

Module three


Backwards Planning

If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not real. In this module we map out all the steps to get you from point A to point B with tools to support you with planning. 

Module four


Reclaiming My Time

All of the previous modules would be useless if you can’t implement the precious gems that are in Module 4. If you want to see results, this training has all the nuggets to keep you on track to making your vision a reality.

On top of these four modules, you will also get access to a curated bonus suite to accelerate your path to the finish line.

let's dive into your bonus 

Reclaim Your Time: Less Clutter, More Clarity Dashboard and Tools

I believe in giving you tips AND tools that will help you in your busy life. This training is no exception.  

I am sharing my personal electronic dashboard with you that has helped me align my values with my work, saved me time, organized my planning, and drastically improved my clarity in goal setting. This dashboard enabled me to throw away my paper planner that I struggled to manage along with my google calendar. This dashboard keeps it all structured in one place. It’s too good to keep to myself!

I have customized features of the dashboard just for you and in this bonus video I’m walking you through how to use it to support your vision setting and time management.

Video Poster Image

Meet Your Instructor

Carlisha Williams Bradley is an award-winning executive, education advocate, best-selling author and coach. Carlisha lends her spirit, expertise, and voice as an advocate for women and girls worldwide as the founder of Women Empowering Nations (WEN) and Amplify for Women.

Under Carlisha’s direction, WEN has already had a transformative effect on the globe, having created measurable opportunities for thousands of girls in the United States and Africa. Carlisha’s groundbreaking work with WEN has made her one of the most sought-after social enterprise and international education programming experts in the country. She has served as a trusted voice and advisor to various international aid organizations, non-­profit agencies, businesses, leaders, foreign governments and diplomats around the globe. With her consultancy, Amplify for Women, she is calling other destiny-driven women to follow in her well-heeled footsteps and be the change. Amplify for Women arms clients with the training and tools to build brands and platforms rooted in a passion for a better reality, the power to impact, and a path to leave a legacy stamp on the world.

She has been recognized for her work and continuous commitment to change with numerous awards including 2020 Journal Record Woman of the Year, 2020 City Year Champion of Student Success, 2020 Madam President Award Winner, 2017 Oklahoma Magazine 40 Under 40, 2017 Michael F. Price College of Business 40 Under 40, 2016 Mayor’s Pinnacle Women of Year, and 2014 YWCA’s 100 Women with Moxie.

Carlisha and her husband reside in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma raising their two-year-old son, Carter.

Are you ready?


"I would absolutely recommend this course! Many of the women I'm acquainted with have a desire to grow, but don't know how. This experience teaches women how to identify their strengths and use their God given gifts." - Joan

“Amazing, always made goals but never followed a framework. This is so clear in how to take the next step in my career and business. Can’t wait to continue using the tools!" - Jaimie

Are you ready to make a move?

All The Tools You Need To Set and Pursue Your Vision

This Master Class includes Setting the Vision and Reclaiming My Time Online Course (Valued at $396) and the Vision Setting Electronic Dashboard (Valued at $87) offered to you at a limited time special rate of $97.

the time is now.

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start running towards your purpose. Let's gain the clarity and set the vision to take your leadership to next level.